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The ISU University Museums’ Permanent Collection ranges from modern to ancient art, and includes a variety of different artists, media and styles. These objects are collected, cared for and interpreted for the cultural and educational benefit of the Uni

The ISU University Museums’ Permanent Collection objects encompass the decorative arts, fine arts, public art, and material culture. These over 30,000 permanent collection objects add scholarship and context to an already existing diverse collection of teaching objects, books, and archives at the University. The accessibility afforded by an online collections tool will further cement University Museums as a center of learning for on and off-campus curriculum.  It will also assist in furthering the original land-grant mission of ISU, which strives to serve a greater audience throughout the community, state, and world.

In 2005, University Museums purchased a collections management computer software system called The Museum System (TMS).  Through TMS, University Museums is able to electronically store and control every aspect of the 30,000 object permanent collection.  The online component of this system, eMuseum, will make it possible for permanent collection object, artist, and curatorial information/scholarship to be available with images over the internet as a searchable database launched from the University Museums existing website.

eMuseum will give a broader audience the opportunity to plan educational opportunities, conduct research, and virtually tour the collections of the various museums on campus exploring the visual and cultural arts at Iowa State University.  The reaches of eMuseum are virtually limitless.

8/12/14 update:  This project has been selected for piloting.  Those wishing to participate should contact the original proposer or techstarter@iastate.edu.  

Proposed by: Allison Sheridan
Created: 17 Jul 2014
Last Updated: 12 Oct 2014
In Pilot
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0 Greg Davis 29 Sep 2014

Looks like a great idea.

0 Jim Twetten 12 Aug 2014

This project has been selected for piloting. Those wishing to participate should contact the original proposer or techstarter@iastate.edu.

0 Amy Bix 08 Aug 2014

Excellent idea - this would really multiply the value of the museum's terrific collections for our community….

0 Richard Hall 07 Aug 2014

This a great idea to expand the availability of the University Museums collections for all of us.

1 Robin McNeely 04 Aug 2014

This is a great way to get the information out to researchers and students and make it available whenever people need it, from wherever they happen to be.

1 Catherine McMullen 02 Aug 2014

This is a way to make the museum far more accessible for all of us!

1 Douglas Stokke 02 Aug 2014

The University Museums are a treasured resource. This capability will enhance the use and accessibility of the collection.

1 Susan Stewart 01 Aug 2014

Fantastic Idea! I would definitely utilize this resource for my sociology classes. Susan Stewart

1 Charles Richards 01 Aug 2014

This would be an excellent resource for students and faculty.

1 Patricia Thiel 01 Aug 2014

I support it 100%. We have a terrific Museum organization & collection at ISU and this is a way for it to receive more of the recognition it deserves.

1 Michele Kohrs 01 Aug 2014

I think it is a wonderful idea.

1 Gloria Jones-Johnson 01 Aug 2014

This project is critically important. Please support eMuseums. It will benefit ISU faculty and students.