KURE Production Studio Upgrade

Upgrade of KURE Production studio equipment.

KURE 88.5 is a student-run, student-managed organization that provides alternative radio programming (via FM broadcast and webstream) and events to Iowa State University students and the Ames community. KURE staff are volunteers and nearly all KURE services and events are free and open to the public. Recently, KURE celebrated its 65th year of broadcasting, making it the oldest student-run organization at Iowa State!

KURE consists of two main studios: a DJ studio and a Production studio. From the DJ studio, our DJ’s broadcast their weekly music and talk shows to Iowa State University and the Ames community via FM broadcast and webstream. The Production studio is used to record, edit, and broadcast live performances and on-air events. These events include talk shows, guest musical groups, and Kaleidoquiz.

In 2009, KURE upgraded its DJ studio through support from GSB. This upgrade brought the studio into the 21st century by allowing KURE to remove obsolete analog technology and replace it with newer digital systems.

KURE now intends to upgrade its Production studios in much the same way. The most recent Production equipment was installed in 2004. The PC is running Windows XP operating system (now out of support) and records using Adobe Audition version 3 (current version being 6.5). The Soundcraft LX7-II soundboard has broken faders and we can only utilize 11 of the 24 inputs into the soundboard. The Tascam 122 MK II tape recorder, DOD SR430QX equalizer, and Nady CL-5000 compressor are unusable.

A modern Production studio utilizes a digital audio workstation (DAW) capable of multitrack recording and nondestructive editing, coupled with an audio console that doubles as a control surface for the DAW. The DAW also typically comes with a suite of compression, equalization, reverb, and other editing tools. The modern console allows for advanced routing, recording, and mixing capabilities, all storable and recallable with a single button press. The technology used to interface these devices is a networked audio protocol called Dante, which allows for advanced networks of audio devices to be created and operated using standard networking infrastructure.

The upgrades outlined in the attached spreadsheet would bring such a standard to our Production studio. Logic Pro coordinates with the Midas M32 to perform all multitrack recording and editing tasks, as well as the tasks the DOD equalizer and Nady compressor are unable to perform.

By replacing this obsolete and aging technology, KURE will be able to keep up with modern broadcasting standards. Newer digital technology will also be more streamlined, more user friendly, and provide more accessibility to student participants. This will allow students to learn about and engage in the real-world broadcasting environment through KURE.

Proposed by: Brian Bahr
Created: 25 Feb 2015
Last Updated: 19 Sep 2017
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0 Jim Twetten 21 Oct 2015

At the 10-15-15 CAC meeting, the committee voted to approve funding for this project.

0 Megan O'Donnell 10 Mar 2015

Adobe Audition is part of the Creative Cloud Enterprise suit which can be acquired at very low cost by opting in to the program for $111 per machine. I don't know if KURE would be eligible but I would hope so. See http://www.techcyte.isubookstore.com/SiteText.aspx?id=20044

0 Darren Hushak 27 Feb 2015

Should also be noted that the KURE production studio is open to the public for any audio production needs, be it recording or editing audio to digitization and restoration of analog media.