Office of Student-Athlete Development Computer Lab Upgrade: Building on Success

This request for funding is to upgrade existing technology in the Hixson-Lied Student-Athlete Success center. These computer labs see a large amount of traffic and our current technology is outdated, extremely slow and in same cases no longer operable.

The mission of the Office of Student-Athlete Development (OSAD) is to empower Cyclone student athletes to positively impact the world around them through education, service, and integrity. We provide services and programming that foster: academic success, holistic personal growth and development, graduation, and preparation for life beyond intercollegiate athletics. OSAD achieves its mission by providing programs and services to facilitate the academic and personal development of Iowa State student-athletes.  Keeping in line with the mission of OSAD, this proposal is aimed at providing a technologically innovative resource to support Iowa State University student-athletes’ academic commitments, while also competing as division I athletes. Specifically, this proposal will focus on the second phase of a three-phase redesign to the two computer labs operated by OSAD.

Iowa State University has over 450 student-athletes who compete in 16 NCAA sports, and log many hours completing coursework assignments in the current computer lab. In addition, OSAD employs approximately 120 academic tutors and mentors. These tutors engage in around 1000 individual tutorial appointments per week. As many instructors and courses rely on the use of computers and on-line material to a greater degree, the need for additional computers and updated thin clients is a necessity. Additionally, all tutorial appointments require on-line documentation of the objectives accomplished during the session. These factors have increased the demand on our current outdated computers, replacing these with new state-of-the-art thin clients will greatly improve efficiency.

This proposal to refresh our computer labs in Hixson-Lied has been divided into three phases.  We would be requesting support for phase 2 specifically.  The three phases are outlined in the attached supporting file.  Because this is a large project, we would provide some of the funding departmentally.  Phase 1 is in process currently and involves replacing existing furniture in 3 computer lab spaces.  Phase 2 which involves upgrading our technology in one computer lab is our highest priority and is what is being requested through this outside funding.  The department would be willing to cover funding for Phase 3, which is upgrading the existing technology in a second computer lab. 

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Proposed by: Patrice Feulner
Created: 18 Feb 2016
Last Updated: 19 Sep 2017
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