Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Makey Makey hardware kits for Library checkout

This proposal is to make Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Makey Makey electronic hardware kits available for checkout through Parks Library.

As electronic components continue to get smaller and more powerful, student projects often incorporate electronics into their designs.  Some departments on campus have access to dedicated labs and hardware, but other departments or majors do not include exposure to electronics hardware as part of their core curriculum.

These components are very adaptable to the project at hand and can be used in an extremely wide range of applications.  Students in such areas as Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design, or the College of Design often have reason to incorporate electronics into projects, but may lack the background, understanding, or basic material access to do so.

Additionally, Parks Library strives to curate a dynamic, relevant collection which advances the university’s academic excellence.

Therefore, this proposal is for funding to purchase hardware kits to add to Parks Library’s holdings, making them available for checkout.  These include:

  • Arduino – an open source microcontroller and prototyping platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software
  • Raspberry Pi – a fully functional credit card size computer
  • Makey Makey – turns everyday objects, such as bananas, into keyboard inputs

North Carolina State University has offered such a program since January 2013, which includes all three platforms listed above as well as several others.  In addition, many peer-reviewed journal publications have been written about these types of initiatives, one of which is included in the Supporting Websites section.

This initiative could further lead to a series of introductory workshops held in the library to demonstrate the basics of using the hardware equipment to interested parties, and could utilize student helpers from Electrical & Computer Engineering or other relevant groups.

Proposed by: Eric Schares
Created: 30 Mar 2016
Last Updated: 19 Sep 2017
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0 Eric Schares 23 Mar 2017

An update on this project: Parks Library received funding and purchased 10 copes each of Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits, and 5 copies of Makey Makey kits. Thanks for your support! An introductory workshop will be offered on April 6 to demonstrate the basics and how to get started. Registration for the workshop is available through

0 Eric Schares 12 Apr 2016

The Arduinos and Makey Makeys would require almost no maintenance; as Steven says, just take it apart and put everything back in its spot in the container. The Raspberry Pi would circulate with an SD card that contains the OS. This would need to be reset back to default upon check-in, and other libraries have multiple copies so a fresh card goes in immediately and the "used" card is restored at their convenience.

0 Steven Herrnstadt 12 Apr 2016

Virtually no maintenance. Separating and putting parts back into containers.. Unless I am missing something.

0 Jim Twetten 12 Apr 2016

What kind of maintenance do these devices require between check-outs?

0 Matthew Nelson 06 Apr 2016

The students in Make to Innovate (M:2:I) can certainly utilize this resource. Many of the projects in M:2:I utilize Arduinos and many of our students are looking to learn more on using them.

0 Alexander Peters 05 Apr 2016

The workshops would be great for students wanting to learn more about coding and basic hardware integration.

0 Julie Bothell 04 Apr 2016

The Aerospace Engineering department currently uses Arduinos for the Aer E 160 course. We only have a few and do not have the ability to check them out to students but many students want to be able to use them outside of class. This would be a great resource for those students!

0 Steven Herrnstadt 01 Apr 2016

Industrial Design in the college of design would certainly use this resource. I believe that the dept of art and culture would as well

0 Michael Miller 01 Apr 2016

The College of Design would find items like this invaluable for checkout. We are very interested in seeing this move forward.

0 Ellen McKinney 31 Mar 2016

This is an excellent idea and could definitely be used by students in AMD.