New Zero Clients for Memorial Union Lab Spaces

New All-in-one zero clients to replace current aging/failing VDI clients/monitors in the MU public spaces including East and West Student Office Spaces, Pride Lounge, Browsing Library and Multicultural Center.


Current VDI thin-clients in the MU labs are old, no longer supported by VMWare, and have various failing components such as monitors, keyboards and mice. In order to bring the MU lab spaces up to date with current machines, we are requesting 25 new zero-clients. These labs are constantly in use and the current clients have become inadequate to serve the needs of our students (as well as public visitors who can also access the lab spaces).

Impact on Student Experience: 

Being located in several areas of the Memorial Union, the VDI labs offer fast and secure locations for all students to print materials for class, research any information, while also giving or supplementing access to the 29 different student groups and organizations currently based in the Memorial Union lab spaces.  The labs also benefit Campus Organization Accounting and Multicultural Student Affairs, as these campus organizations utilize our space and labs to provide their services.  These labs offer a social atmosphere rarely observed in other lab spaces throughout campus, allowing for individual research while still providing space and resources for team collaboration.  


Description of Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Dell Wyze 5050 25 $550 $13750
Mice 25 $19.99 $499.75
Keyboard 25 $19.99 $499.75
Total:     $14748.50


Proposed by: Casey Dague
Created: 03 Apr 2017
Last Updated: 18 Oct 2017
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