Testing Center data/network upgrades

Upgrade the cabling, switches and system security in three of the permanent on campus testing centers to increase reliability, up-time and improve ability to troubleshoot issues.

The testing centers proctor about 100,000 exams each fall and spring semesters and reliability is a growing concern.  The students that use the testing center facilities enjoy the flexibility that is allowed for taking their exams within a window of multiple days.  However, they should expect little or no disruption from technology issues when they are taking their exams. 

The project scope would include Carver 60, Durham 139 and Gilman 2552.  Carver 250 will be converted and paid for as part of the facility upgrade project that is underway in summer 17.

The project would consist of a locked wall cabinet or enclosed rack in the room with a UPS, and 3850x switches fibered back to the MDF in the building for each room.  Each room would also have CAT 6a cabling inside the room, either in the ceiling space or possibly under the floor with a patch panel in the enclosed cabinet/rack.

Costs for the three rooms are estimated as follows:

Carver 0060      $27,800.00

Durham 0139     $23,500.00

Gilman 2552      $24,500.00

Proposed by: Mark Woolley
Created: 06 Jun 2017
Last Updated: 06 Jun 2017
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