Virtual Dissection Table

Any course with a need to visualize the human body in much more realistic ways.

This table allows for the virtual dissection of the human body in an extremely realistic way, something that Iowa State does not have represented well. The table uses hundreds of different real world cases and displays them to allow for better understanding of the body and its relation to other features. For example a fracture and related muscles as well as how that was fixed, or cancerous tumors and how it affects organs and tissues. It also is a model that features can be added to or taken away, such as learning regional anatomy. While often labs use other technologies, this gives a much more realistic perspective than any typical program can use. The youtube video below shows some of the imagery and gives a good explaination. The table is a good supplement to the inability to dissect actual cadavers, as perfect models are not realistic, as well as this is a way to train students for future programs they want to enroll in, such as medical school or graduate school. Also, this could be used in the future nursing program, and likely would be of great use amongst multiple majors.

While the cost is not published on the company website, it seems that it runs around $80,000 (MSU page below) with the cost break down, but would only be a one time investment, but can also be updated with new software (updates are around $7,000 but not required for use). 

Proposed by: Monica Brown
Created: 05 Oct 2017
Last Updated: 05 Oct 2017
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