CourseLink is a visual educational-professional development platform for students.

Iowa State uses programs such as Mapworks from Skyfactor and EAB SSC to address issues of student success. Iowa State also has various programs and initiatives to address issues of student experience. This proposal works at the intersection of student success and student experience by proposing a student-centered educational and professional development platform called CourseLink.

CourseLink is an educational-professional development platform that generates a visual output that is a combination of a portfolio, a transcript, and a resume. Its novel contribution is the visual display of development experiences. It generates a node-network visualization that helps students visualize connections between their academic development experiences.

The node-network visualization is designed to help advisors talk with students about coursework and professional development, students reflect on their coursework and professional development, and students display their coursework and professional development to employers.

CourseLink will generate value at Iowa State because it will support the student experience of the following three exigencies:  

  • Students need academic guidance
  • Students should develop a professional identity
  • Students want to use their education to find a career

In the future, CourseLink may foster academic-industry connections by having students develop their professional identity and by having employers search for qualified graduates.

CourseLink is a concept at this time. Funding would be used to research stakeholder needs, develop a system, and user-test it in select classes.

Proposed by: Philippe Meister
Created: 08 Apr 2018
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2018
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0 Silvia Cordova Martinez 13 Apr 2018

This is indeed a great initiative for ISU students.