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Testing Center data/network upgrades Upgrade the cabling, switches and system security in three of the permanent on campus testing centers to increase reliability, up-time and improve ability to troubleshoot issues.
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3 06 Jun 2017
New Zero Clients for Memorial Union Lab Spaces New All-in-one zero clients to replace current aging/failing VDI clients/monitors in the MU public spaces including East and West Student Office Spaces, Pride Lounge, Browsing Library and Multicultural Center.
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3 03 Apr 2017
Technology Name: Picture in a Flash (PIAF) Tactile Graphic Maker, software, and paper. Summary: Picture in a Flash (PIAF) is a term coined to describe the output of material from a thermal printer that creates raised images (called ‘tactile’). This output allows individuals with visual impairment to feel the page as a means to understa
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1 17 Mar 2017
Testing Center Upgrade Upgrade Carver 250 from a standard computer lab to meet the needs of an ELO testing center.
0 10 Mar 2017
248 Durham GIS Teaching Lab Machine Replacement These new computers will enhance the learning abilities of students taking classes in the GIS teaching lab in Durham.
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27 08 Mar 2017
High-Definition Screens for Architecture Studios: Digital Media Pedagogy Integration Additional HD screens in studios will enable the integration of new media content into studio teaching and provide continued support for digital technology pedagogy and the reduction of student printing costs.
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65 14 Feb 2017
Nap Pods Sleep is a necessity for productive work. To support learning and student health, nap pods should be installed in the Parks Library.
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31 06 Dec 2016
Torchmate Plasma Cutting System The Torchmate plasma cutting system is a computer numerical control system that uses computer-aided drafting technology to cut metal. This can be incorporated into agricultural mechanics coursework to teach STEM concepts through hands-on instruction.
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40 02 Nov 2016
Miller Electric LiveArc Welding Performance Management System The LiveArc Welding Performance Management System is designed to support and improve hands-on, active learning in various welding processes through the incorporation of computer-based feedback that provides live data for critical skill improvement.
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49 01 Nov 2016
New computers for the Center for Communication Excellence This proposal requests funding to equip the Center for Communication Excellence (CCE) with new computers to better facilitate more free consultations on academic and professional communication.
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99 01 Nov 2016
Veterinary Clinical Skills Demonstration Table and Workshop The creation of a demonstration table and work space for a focused class setting and specific class size for the delivery if high quality audio, imagery and video recording of specialized professional hands on skills.
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1 01 Sep 2016
New Overhead Projectors in GIS Labs Replace two old overhead projectors in GIS classrooms in Durham and Design.
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29 11 Aug 2016
Tax Return Filler (TRF) Develop a software to facilitate tax return filling for international students at ISU.
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3 08 Apr 2016
Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Makey Makey hardware kits for Library checkout This proposal is to make Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Makey Makey electronic hardware kits available for checkout through Parks Library.
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30 30 Mar 2016
CVM former ICN room upgrade Currently at the College of Vet Med, there are very few rooms where students are able to study in groups or be able to utilize technology for web conferencing or recording. We would like to update room 1485 to use for student collaboration, conferencing,
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28 25 Mar 2016
Technology Upgrades--Exam Accommodation Center (Hixson Lied Student Success Center) Iowa State University must provide reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. The Exam Accommodation Center (EAC), located in the Hixson Lied Student Success Center (HLSSC), has relied on out-of-date equipment and wireless inter
In Review
1 21 Mar 2016
High-Definition Screens for Architecture Studios HD screens in studios will support digital technology pedagogy as well as reduce student printing and plotting costs.
In Review
20 17 Mar 2016
Blackboard request Mozilla Backpack as an integration to Blackboard.
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0 23 Feb 2016
Office of Student-Athlete Development Computer Lab Upgrade: Building on Success This request for funding is to upgrade existing technology in the Hixson-Lied Student-Athlete Success center. These computer labs see a large amount of traffic and our current technology is outdated, extremely slow and in same cases no longer operable.
In Pilot
0 18 Feb 2016
iPads for CyBIZ Lab Mobile iPads for CyBIZ Lab project work to administer surveys in the field, share presentations and data with project clients off site, and for group collaboration.
In Discussion
0 31 Dec 2015
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